Lake Erie, Pa...Where, When & Why

When the central basin of Lake Erie begins to warm and the water temperature reaches the mid-50's, low-60's, the walleye begin to group up in wide spread schools along the 50-60 feet depth of water. Normally, on any lake or reservoir as the water temperature warms the bigger fish move to deeper, more comfortable water. Lake Erie is a prime example of this. Easy accesses to colder water and bait fish such as smelts and alewives ( high protein forage fish found in cooler water) make it simple to understand why trophy walleye find their home in the waters off Erie, Pa.

Later, in mid July and August, the fish move even deeper into the depths of Lake Erie. Walleye are caught on planner boards, while the Steeled and Salmon are caught with downriggers at the same time. How's that for excitement?

Late August and September still provide trophy size walleye in deep water. The fall Salmon and Trout begin to school in front of the creek mouths. If its 3-6 pound Smallmouth Bass you like to catch, late September and October are the time. The big female Bass feed heavily at this time to help develop their eggs for the spawning period.




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